How to create icon buttons with click and hover effects

In the multimedia editor of Corporate Version, there are 70+ well-designed buttons that are easy to use and fully customizable.

Apply Pre-designed Template #

1. Click [Interact].

2. Find [button] and click [View more] to choose a button you need.

Apply button template

Custom Button Style #

You can further customize the icon, text, background color and more settings of the button.

For example, you can change the button icon from a collection of over 280 icons in the icon library. 

Custom Button Style

Or you can select the button, and then find [Toggle States] to customize the background color when click or hover.

Hover Effect

Add Interactive Trigger Action to Button #

You can add appropriate trigger actions to the button. Take [Pop up Window] as an example:

1. Select the button and click [Trigger Action].

2. Select [Trigger When Click/Mouseover/Mouseleave] as trigger time.

3. Choose [Pop up Window].

4. Enter the URL you want readers to open and title.

5. Click [Save] or [Save & Preview].

Add trigger action to button

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