What is trigger action? How to add trigger actions to my element

Trigger action is an instruction within the flipbook, which means an action you take first will trigger another action that follows. When a user clicks on a certain area of an element, the flipbook will respond in a way that you have set the action of its trigger.

In the editor interface, you can add trigger actions to your elements.

There are three trigger times you can set: Trigger when click/mouseover/mouseleave.


And there are seven kinds of trigger actions available for you.

1. Open Link

Paste a link you want the element link to. Readers can open the link to view more information about products or jump to another related website under the pre-set trigger timing, which can drive traffic to your website.

2. Go to Page

Just enter the page number you want the element link to. “Go to page” can guide readers on what should be read next in your flipbook, which can help readers jump to the specific page to get the needed information.

3. Play Effects

Apply various animation effects including entrance/attention/exit effects to the selected element, which can make your element more dynamic and engage your readers.

4. Call

Add your phone number so that readers can instantly contact you by tapping on the phone icon when they have any issues with your products or flipbook content.

5. Pop up Window

You can embed a link as a pop-up window to show more information about your website, which is an effective marketing strategy.

6. Pop up Image

You can make a series of images pop up on your book pages to give your readers a more detailed introduction.

7. Show/Hide

If you want to easily show or hide the element as needed, you can make a specific element show/hide or switch between them.

For example: Pop up window

1. Select an element “FLIP PDF PLUS PRO”.

2. Click [Trigger Action] and [Pop up Window]. Paste the link you want to set and edit the title.

3. Click [Save] or [Save & Preview].



The effect of trigger action you set is as follow:


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