How to reimport the published HTML file to the program

In the program, you are allowed to restore the book project for editing by importing the published HTML file. If you have published the book in HTML format and want to re-edit the book, you can try the feature [Import Published HTML Folder].

Before importing the HTML folder, please notice: 

1. Make sure you have published the book in HTML format before.

2. The published book is NOT password-protected.

Now you can follow these steps to import a published HTML folder.

Click [File] in the Top Menu Bar > choose [Import Published HTML Folder] > select the published HTML folder of the project you need to restore > click [Select Folder].


If you failed to import the published HTML folder, the possible reasons are as follows:
1. The folder didn’t contain the published HTML files. Please confirm that you select the correct HTML Folder.
2. You have selected more than one HTML folder. (Only one HTML folder is supported to import at a time.)
3. Some necessary files were missing in the HTML folder. Please import the originally published HTML folder.
4. The book has been password-protected. Please select the published HTML folder of the book without a password.

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