Why can I import only 12 PDF pages

We provide users with a free version. However, flipbooks created by this free version will be branded with a watermark (FlipBuilder Logo). And you can only import 12 pages of your PDF file.

If you want to import more pages, you need to purchase the program to get a license code. Please click [Buy Now] in the Start Page.


Or Purchase via this link here: https://www.flipbuilder.com/purchase.html. Then you can jump to the checkout website to pay for the software.


After completing the order, you will soon receive an Order Email with a license code.

Click [Register] in the start page to register online or offline.


1. Register Online

Input the license code and click [Register] to activate the full version.

2. Register Offline

You may need to import a verification file into the program to finish the registration. Please follow these steps to download the verification file.

1) Open the URL below with a computer connected to internet. https://www.flipbuilder.com/verification.html

2) Enter the Terminal Code on the above page:


The above terminal code is only an example. You need to enter the terminal code from Flip PDF Plus Pro on your computer. )


①There is a unique Terminal Code for each computer.

②The Terminal Code used for downloading the verification file must be the one from the computer you want to use Flip PDF Plus Pro.

3) Enter the terminal code and the license code on the webpage to download the verification file.

4) Import the verification file into the program to finish the registration.

Now, you can import more than 12 pages to your program.

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