How to pay for Hosting Add-on Service

When use Hosting Add-on Services to upload books online, you can pay for the service in two ways: Pay-as-you-go, or subscribe.

Check differences between two charge modes below:

1. Pay-as-you-go (Buy Points) #

You can buy points depending on your demand. One point is $1.1 or less to keep one book online for one month. The more points you order at a time, the more discount you will get. New register can get 5 free points!

Make sure your points are enough to pay for the books in your account. Once your surplus points are not enough to pay for all books service, the system will enable a related number of books and disabled the other ones.

Recommended for users who have less than 10 books to upload,  or who only need to keep the book online for a few months.

2. Subscribe #

FlipBuilder Hosting Add-on Service offers Monthly  (US $9.99/month) and Yearly  (US $99.0/year ) subscription. Please remind that:

*The Maximum upload Limit:  1,000 books

*You can stop the subscription at any time as you want.

*The subscription will auto renew based on your preferred period.

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